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Hi, my name is Lisa Tiesteel and I’m from Wales. I grew up on the Isle of Anglesey and made the move to France in my early 20’s to work in the super yacht industry as a chef.  Having left the yachting industry to become a mother, I’m now based near Cheltenham with my fiancé, Nic and our baby, Bradley. Most of the recipes on my website are vegan and vegetarian because I like to encourage people to eat healthily, using more vegetables and less meat.  I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian but my culinary passion is for fruit and vegetables. I love to experiment and come up with new creations, hoping to inspire others to try something different. I hope you enjoy browsing my recipes, bon appetit!

Baked Beans

This is a great lockdown recipe as it’s slow food at it’s best.  Yes you can buy perfectly good beans in tins from the supermarket but there is something oh so wholesome about making your own.  Plus shop bought tinned beans are notorious for having high salt and sugar contents so by making your own you have control over how much goes in.  This time around I didn’t add any seasoning to mine until the very last minute so that I could separate some for Bradley, leaving them salt and sugar free (ie baby friendly).

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