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Hi, my name is Lisa Tiesteel and I’m from Wales. I grew up on the Isle of Anglesey and made the move to France in my early 20’s to work in the super yacht industry as a chef.  Having left the yachting industry to become a mother, I’m now based near Cheltenham with my fiancé, Nic and our baby, Bradley. Most of the recipes on my website are vegan and vegetarian because I like to encourage people to eat healthily, using more vegetables and less meat.  I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian but my culinary passion is for fruit and vegetables. I love to experiment and come up with new creations, hoping to inspire others to try something different. I hope you enjoy browsing my recipes, bon appetit!

Roasted Squash & Beetroot Salad

As the cooler weather draws in, I find myself craving autumnal root vegetables in the form of warm salads. Butternut squash is the main ingredient in this dish. It’s low in calories,  high in vitamins A and C and has a high antioxidant content which makes it great for boosting the health of our immune systems and helps us fight disease.

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